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DELCO Child Care COVID Support

Request for Change Form


How It Works

We understand that even after children for a family have already been approved for funding through this program, there may be an urgent need to change details about a child's care, and therefore the child's funding through this program. If funding allows, CCPN will make every attempt to accommodate these changes. CCPN may be able to accommodate a change to the child(ren)'s days of week funded, or a transfer of funding to a different approved ECE Program.

CCPN is not able to fund the following (but not limited to): Children at ECE programs which are not approved to participate in this support, children and/or families who do not meet the eligibility guidelines, adding additional children, adding additional days to a child's funded schedule, or any changes to care that were made without a Request for Change Form being approved first. CCPN is also not able to pause funding for any period of time once a Funding Start Date and Funding End Date has already been confirmed.


Please note that funding for this program is limited, and requests to change can only be approved if funding allows. Also note that no changes to funding will be effective until CCPN has approved them and the family has received notice of their new Funding Start Date. Families will be responsible for any difference in cost that was not covered by the DELCO Child Care COVID Support before a Request for Change was approved to take effect.

How to Request a Change to Funding

Below is a short form which the parent/guardian must fill out. On the form, the parent/guardian indicates which type of funding change they are requesting. With each form, a copy of new Fee Agreement(s) must be submitted which match the type of change you are requesting. Instructions about how to submit your documents are included in the Request for Change Form.

Download Request for Change Form

Below is a downloadable Request for Change Form you can fill out by hand or on the computer. Instructions on how to submit this form are contained within.

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