DELCO School Age Child Care COVID Support


This program has now ended.

We encourage families who may be eligible for CCW/CCIS to apply as soon as possible. ELRC15 can help you with questions about eligibility and how to apply. You can apply for CCW here and you can contact ELRC15 with questions at We also encourage you to look at the Advance Child Tax Credit, more information can be found here.


The Delaware County Council unanimously approved and funded up to $2M for DELCO School Age Child Care COVID Support. These resources were for families who have found themselves with additional child care related costs as a result of needing child care for their children who are not able to attend school full time due to the pandemic. In February, this program was expanded to include children ages 0 through 13. This program has ended as of August 1, 2021.


CCPN worked closely with ELRC 15, and the Delaware County Women’s Commission on this project. Families applied for children who need assistance. Early learning programs applied in order to receive the funds to be applied toward approved families' tuition. Families could only receive funding for children at approved early learning programs. You can view a list of already approved providers here.


Early learning programs will be sent payments directly for the children who are cared for at their centers, and will use those funds to reduce the cost of care for families that are eligible. Families will be responsible for any additional costs. $40.00 per child, per service day, was distributed through July 31st, 2021 and after families returned to their original fee agreements.

Providers submit an application.

Families submit an application.

Both the family and provider will receive approval letters. Providers adjust the family's tuition payments accordingly.

Providers complete an attendance invoice at the end of the month and receive the funds by check in the mail.



The eligibility guidelines are below. Both the provider, and the families whose children receive care from the provider, will need to submit a complete application before funding can be allocated. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. (For the definition of "family" as used in the guidelines, refer to 55 Pa. Code § 3041.31. Family size.)


Must meet all guidelines below in order to be eligible to receive funding:

  • Be physically located in Delaware County, PA.

  • Provide proof of an active DHS license in good standing (no violations) including MPI #.

  • Provide accounts payable information in order to disburse the funds directly to provider.

  • Submit attendance to CCPN monthly in order to verify funding amount for child.

  • Attest that that the subsidy will be applied to reduce the payment for care of the eligible families, and that families in the program do not receive CCW/CCIS. (This funding is separate from CCW/CCIS. If a family is already receiving that, they are not eligible to also receive this.)


Must meet all guidelines below in order to be eligible for funding.

  • Work or school schedule has been adversely affected by COVID-19.

  • Must live in Delaware County, PA.

  • Before applying, child is already enrolled in child care from a provider in Delaware County, PA that has been approved to receive the funds. You can see a list of already approved providers here.

  • Children enrolled in care must be ages 0 to 13 years old at the time of applying.

  • Must not be receiving a subsidy through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Child Care Works Subsidized Child Care Program (CCW or CCIS).

  • Must provide Proof of Identity (driver's license, photo ID, passport) and Proof of Address (lease, mortgage, utility bill, cable bill, phone bill). All documents need to be the entire original document with your name and address visible.

  • Must attest their income, family, and child care information.

  • Gross income must be less than or equal to the chart below (100% of the Area Median Income):

Family Size
Maximum Income

How To Apply


The application process for new children is closed; there are no additional funds available.

Below, there are two applications. Providers complete one application, and families receiving care complete the other. A complete and accurate application from both providers and families will expedite the funds being disbursed.


This application is for families looking for financial assistance for children that are already enrolled in an early learning center. Click below to apply.

Applications Closed


This application is for providers of early learning services who will receive funds for families of children who have been approved to have care subsidized.

Applications Closed

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