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DELCO Child Care COVID Support


Applications Closed

Applications are currently closed. Please check back later in case they open in the future.



COVID-19 has created unexpected financial difficulties for both families and Early Childhood Education (ECE) Programs. Families found themselves with unexpected child care costs while schools were closed, transitioned to online, or when families' employment status changed. Meanwhile, ECE Programs found themselves with unexpected costs needed to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for children, suffered from staffing shortages, and experienced unpredictable enrollment rates. This support was created to help both families and ECE Programs. CCPN worked closely with the Delaware County Council, ELRC 15, and the Delaware County Women’s Commission, and other county and community agencies to develop this support.



ECE Programs submit one ECE Program Application per site so that CCPN can verify they are eligible to receive the funds on behalf of their families. Next, families submit the Family Application so CCPN can verify they are eligible for this support. If you are a family and meet the eligibility requirments, you may apply. If you are not yet enrolled in an ECE Program that has been approved, please view a list of the approved ECE Programs here and enroll before applying for this support. If you do not see your ECE Program listed, inquire with them if they are participating in this support.


Each approved family will receive an email confirmation including the children funded, the ECE Program they are funded for, the funding start date, and the funding end date. Their ECE Program will receive a copy of this email so they know when a family's funding begins and ends. The ECE Program will automatically adjust the cost of care for the approved family until the funding end date. $40.00 per scheduled attendance day, per approved child, will be distributed to ECE Programs for the purpose of reducing the family's tuition cost. Families may be responsible for any additional costs that exceed $40.00 per scheduled attendance day per approved child. The funds are distributed directly to the ECE Program, not the family, after the ECE Program submits a monthly attendance invoice.


If in the middle of funding a family needs to make a change to their original application, they can submit a Request for Change Form. If an ECE Program becomes aware of a change in their families' need for care, they must notify CCPN immediately. If an ECE Program notifies CCPN that a child is no longer attending before the family notifies CCPN of a change in the child(ren)'s schedule then funding for the child(ren) will end.

After the funding end date, families will return to their original payment arrangement with their ECE Program. 

How To Apply

How To Apply

Whether you are a Family or ECE Program, choose your link below that will explain how exactly the program works for you, and complete the application.


Click below if you are a family looking for financial assistance for children that are already enrolled in an ECE Program.

[Applications are closed. The page below is an archived version.]

FOR ECE Programs:

Click below if you are an ECE Program who is looking to make the families at their program eligible for this assistance.

[Applications are closed. The page below is an archived version.]

Additional Links


For Families

For Everyone

For ECE Programs

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