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Please read this page in its entirety before submitting an application.


Special Application Note

If your child is not currently enrolled, however you have a fee agreement with an approved ECE Program to start care:

Do not submit an application any earlier than one week before your child(ren)'s enrollment date. CCPN cannot reserve funding for enrollment that will begin any further than one week in the future.

Quick Summary

  1. APPLY: Families submit their applications. Families must already have a Fee Agreement with an approved ECE Program before applying for this funding. A receipt for child care services is not a fee agreement. You can find an example of a Fee Agreement here. If you do not have one, please request it from an approved ECE Program before applying.

  2. REVIEW: CCPN reviews applications, requests additional info or documents if necessary, then sends an email notice of approval or inability to fund. If we are not able to approve your application, we will list the reasons in email, and you can respond within 10 business days to resolve the issues and provide additional clarification.

  3. FUNDING STARTS: For applications that are approved: Families will receive an email with their approval information. This includes the child's name, the ECE Program they are approved for, the days of the week they will receiving funding (up to 5 days per week), the Funding Start Date, and the Funding End Date. ECE Programs get a copy of this email. On the day of the Funding Start Date, the family's program will reduce the cost of care by $40 per scheduled service day, per approved child, until the Funding End Date.

  4. CHANGES AFTER APPROVAL: If the family would like to add a child, or change the location/dates/days of week of care, the family themselves must complete a Request for Change Form and receive notice from CCPN that the change has been approved before any changes to funding will take place. (We try to accommodate every change, but changes to the original application are not final until CCPN can approve them, subject to funding availability.)

  5. FUNDING ENDS: After the funding end date, families return to their original payment agreement with the ECE Program. If financial support is still needed, and funding is still available, families may reapply. (There is no guarantee if additional funds will be available or if extensions can be approved.)

Family Approval Process


Families can submit the Family Application so CCPN can verify that the children are eligible for this support. Before applying, families must have a Fee Agreement with one of the approved ECE Programs that are participating in this program. If you do not have a Fee Agreement with an ECE Program that has been approved, inquire with your preferred program if they are participating in this support.


Each family letter of approval will contain the following:

  • Child(ren)'s name(s)

  • The ECE Program they are approved for

  • Days of the week they will receiving funding (up to 5 days per week)

  • Funding Start Date

  • Funding End Date


The ECE Program will receive a copy of this email so they have the same information. The ECE Program will adjust the cost of care for the approved family until the Funding End Date. $40.00 per scheduled attendance day, per approved child, will be distributed to ECE Programs for the purpose of reducing the family's tuition cost. Families may be responsible for any additional costs that exceed $40.00 per scheduled attendance day per approved child. The funds are distributed directly to the ECE Program, not the family.

After the funding end date, families will return to their original payment arrangement with their ECE Program. 

Changes After Approval


CCPN will not fund any changes to days of week, number of children, etc. unless the Request for Change Form has been submitted and a new Funding Start Date has been given for the approved request.

Family Eligibility


The eligibility guidelines are below. Both the ECE Program, and the families whose children receive care from the ECE Program, will need to submit a complete application before funding can be allocated. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. (For the definition of "family" as used in the guidelines, refer to 55 Pa. Code § 3041.31. Family size.)

Must meet all guidelines below in order to be eligible:

  • Must live in Delaware County, PA.

  • Before applying, the family already has a Fee Agreement with a DHS licensed ECE Program located in Delaware County, PA that has been approved to receive the funds. You can see a list of already approved ECE Program here.

  • Children enrolled in care must be ages 0 to 13 years old at the time of applying.

  • Must not be receiving a subsidy through CCW/CCIS or CAO.

  • Must provide the following supporting documents with the application (All documents need to be originals with all text clearly visible.):

    • Proof of Address (lease, utility bill, deed, rental agreement, state photo ID, driver's license, voter's registration card.)

    • Proof of Fee Agreement (A fee agreement is a document between a parent/caregiver and an ECE Program that outlines the provisions of child care services. An example can be found here. A Fee Agreement is NOT a receipt of payment for child care services. If you do not have a Fee Agreement, please request it from your ECE Program in order to upload it on the application.

    • Proof of Income (Pay stubs, unemployment, child support, alimony, etc.)

  • Must sign the attestation and agree to all of its terms.

  • Gross income must be less than or equal to the chart below (100% of the Area Median Income)


Family Income Guidelines

The maximum gross (before taxes) yearly income per family size is listed below. If your family income is less than or equal to the maximum gross yearly income listed for your family size, you may be eligible for this program. There will be a field on the application for you to submit your income documents.


For the definition of "family" as used in the guidelines, refer to 55 Pa. Code § 3041.31. Family size. As an example, two adults and two children would be considered a family size of "4" and the maximum income would be $92,760.

Family Size / Maximum Income

Family size of 2 = $74,220 maximum gross yearly income

Family size of 3 = $83,520 maximum gross yearly income

Family size of 4 = $92,760 maximum gross yearly income

Family size of 5 = $100,200 maximum gross yearly income

Family size of 6 = $107,640 maximum gross yearly income

Family size of 7 = $115,080 maximum gross yearly income

How To Apply


You can complete the application using one of the links below.

Web Application

The fastest way to apply is submit the web application. You can fill out your information and submit your documents online using this application.

Paper Application

Below is a downloadable application you can fill out by hand or on the computer. Instructions on how to submit this application are contained within.

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