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Resource List

CCPN has listed numerous resources pertaining to Early Childhood Professionals in various categories below.

CCPN does not endorse any of the organizations, products, or services listed in these sections. These are resources CCPN have collected from our membership who have vetted and can attest to the products and/or services they provide. CCPN is in no way compensated to list any of these resources.

Government Departments for Delaware County

CCPN works with multiple Delaware County departments and offices on child care specific issues. Below are links to CCPN pages for our specific work with those agencies in relation to child care and early learning programs.

Newest Resources Added

Below are a few of the newest ones added to this database.

Live Monarch Foundation - Free Seeds

We offer low cost, high quality seed for all and for educators, kids and some in need *Free* seeds. The efforts and generosity of our staff and others like you keeps this possible. Thank you for helping us plant and share the wealth of Nature one seed at a time.

Acronym Initialism List

Acronyms relating to the ECE field

How to talk to your children about conflict and war

Article from UNICEF. When conflict or war makes the headlines, it can cause feelings such as fear, sadness, anger and anxiety wherever you live. Here are some tips on how to approach the conversation with your child and to provide them with support and comfort.

Suggest a Resource to Add

We are interested in adding primarily not-for-profit resources and services in Pennsylvania that would be of interest particularly for professionals in the early childhood education field as well as families.

Thanks for submitting!

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