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CDA FY24 Vir 01 - Class Full



Course Duration

30 weeks

Course Type


Registration Closed

Course Location


Course Details Summary

Course Type


Start Date

October 18, 2023

Course Pace


CDA Assessment Type(s)

Infant-Toddler, Preschool

End Date

May 8, 2024

Day of Week


Course Times


About this Course

For students who want to enroll in Child Development Associate (CDA) preparatory coursework. Candidates who complete this course will have the knowledge they need for the CDA Assessment, as well as 120 clock hours completed. Successful students of the course will then proceed to do their CDA Assessment and Observation before receiving their CDA Credential.

This course is instructed online and a link to the course will be sent after registration is complete. It is instructed at a standard pace (approximately 30 weeks). It is instructed with regularly scheduled weekly meetings on the days and times listed above.

Course Fees

Fees for this course are listed above and are due after the student has been registerd for the course but BEFORE the date the course begins. The fee for this course has been reduced by a grant. The fee includes the books you will receive. The fees for this course are non-refundable except in the case that the course is cancelled.


Candidates are expected to attend all classes on time and remain for the full duration of the class. Candidates may be considered "absent" if they are not on time or do not attend a class at all. Candidates absent for more than 3 classes will be dropped from the course and will not receive credit and will not receive a refund of the fees. Instructors may be flexible if a candidate notifies the instructor of an expected absence in advance.

Instructor Assistance

As the course progresses, your instructor will guide you through the portfolio process, voucher application process, and will communicate updates from the CDA council on testing and verification visits (observations).

Course Credit

All candidates who successfully complete the course will receive 120 clock hours of professional education covering the eight CDA Subject Areas on the PA PD Registry. Candidates who do not supply a valid PA Keys Registry ID # on their application may not receive credit for the course. Candidates will be able to log in to their PD Registry account and view their hours once the course is complete. Any pending payments, assignments, missing information, laptops that need to be returned, etc. from the candidate may delay the candidate from receiving their hours.


All candidates must be able to successfully obtain criminal record, child abuse, FBI clearances, complete mandated reporter child abuse training, and pediatric first aid and CPR.

CDA Assessment & Fees

In order to complete the CDA assessment after the course, please note the following:

  • You must have a high school diploma or be a high school junior or senior in an early education/child development Career and Technical Program

  • Any time before you apply for the CDA assessment: Complete 120 clock hours of professional education covering the eight CDA Subject Areas (This requirement is satisfied upon completion of the course.)

  • Within 3 years before you apply for the CDA assessment: Obtain 480 hours of experience working with young children.

  • Within 6 months before you apply for the CDA assessment: Prepare a CDA Professional Portfolio according to the requirements outlined in the CDA Competency Standards book. (This requirement is satisfied by complting the binder during the course.)

  • Upon successful completion of the course there is an additional $425.00 assessment fee. (This is separate from the fees to take the CDA Prep Course; this fee is charged by the CDA Council, not CCPN.) It can be covered with a voucher (grant) for STAR 1 or higher programs. Your instructor will guide you through the voucher process toward the end of the course.

How to Register

  1. The link below will take you to PHMC's form for CDA courses. This form is NOT to sign up for this particular course. It is to determine your eligibility to be able to take the course in general. You will select this course after you are determined eligibile.

  2. Make sure to select "Child Care Professional Network" on the first question. 

  3. PHMC will review your form submission to ensure each individual is eligible for the course, and they may contact you if they have any questions.

  4. PHMC will then send your contact info to us (CCPN), and we will then register you for the course and send you any additional information about the course. At this point the registration process is complete.


  • The form is not made by CCPN, so if you have questions about the form please direct those questions to

  • Your registration for the course is not guaranteed until PHMC has reviewed your form and ensured elibility.

  • The registration process could take days or weeks to complete. Please make sure to complete the form early so there is time to place you in the course you are interested in. Courses may fill up after you have submitted the form.

Registration Closed
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